Linda Maria - R'n'B, pop & soul singer/songwriter
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So here's what I have to say

It may not be

What one would expect could come from these sweet lips

But I'm going all the way

To make you see

That the girl that you could play around with is not here any more


'Cause she struggled with more than what a lost self-respect could endure

Your inhuman insults knocked me out, nailed me to the floor

Your eternal attacks on me broke me down but made me see

That I'm so much a bigger person than all of you will be






With years of recovery

Found peace of mind

All of my misery I finally left behind

I wont call you my enemies

But the hell you dragged me through

Left some scars when I realise I'm sick just looking at you


'Cause what is this thing I see on the screen in front of me?

The weakest attempt of saying sorry for your deeds

How can your insecurities rule every act you make

It's your time to realise you're losing being fake



You did me wrong

Still I kept singing my song

To prove you wrong



So here's what I had to say

Now do you see?

I don't care where you bitches go just stay away from me

Let the memory of your sad souls

Flush down the drain

I refuse to let it haunt me ever again

Singing My Song